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In just a few days, you'll learn the secrets of the trickle feed to use at your work, right now.
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What You'll Learn

This mini-course is made for busy professionals. The videos are short - just 3-5 minutes each day.
You'll quickly have a much better approach to your executive, and have a lot more fun presenting!


Why This Works

Learn the science behind this approach, and why it matters.


How To Structure This

Jump right in to structuring your own trickle feed, and know the 7 points to always use.


How To Apply The Free Templates

Use ready-made templates to quickly build out your own trickle feed.


Special Sauce

Learn all sorts of special tips to make your trickle feed stand out even more.

Your Host

Chris Reavis

Execs hire Chris to help their organizations go from being stuck in problem admiration to becoming innovation powerhouses!

He leverages proven brain science to provide approaches that build up resilience and problem-solving.

So, if you want your execs to be excited about their time with you, and are interested in them more easily approving your proposal, you owe it to yourself to check this out!

Just share your email and you'll get this free mini-course, delivered right to your inbox!