There’s an amazing idea forming.

It’s not structured to explain to others.

And, it’s real.

It’s bright.

It’s powerful.

It’s maybe a bit out there… okay a lot. 

And, you trust it. 

You know it is true to you.

It seems like it could help a lot of people.

It may have just showed up.

It may be the result of logic, process or experience.

It’s there.

What if it could benefit 1000 people?

What if it would create incredible happiness?

Yes, there are naysayers.

Some inside your own head.

They have an old program.

It is about safety.

But safety from what?

Will you die if you release this idea?

And, aren’t we all slowly dying anyway in our short life here?

So maybe, just maybe, you can release it.

No matter how awkward.

No matter how imperfect it may seem.

It’s your brilliant idea.

Others may not get it at first.

Others may take time to understand it.

And others will champion it.

You might not see them.

And, no matter what…

You just gave them permission to unleash their idea too.

So, really the question is, what’s your next idea to share?



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