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Fed up with the daily grind at your workplace? 

Then these 13 proven practices are for you. Drawing on the latest evidence-based strategies, this book combines practical advice with humorous anecdotes. Enjoy this refreshingly honest take on how to handle the business stuff that comes your way.


Jump in and enjoy this funny, practical and energizing resource for thriving in today’s workplace. Reavis background knowledge is impeccable and the book’s an enjoyable page-turner.

Two thumbs up!


CEO of Jensen Learning, Adjunct Professor, and Author of 30 Books

If you want to remain mired in mediocrity or worse, don’t pick up this book.
In his bold and unflinchingly honest book, Chris Reavis names and nails prevalent patterns of dysfunction and waste in organizations and their impact on us. Then he goes several steps further. Instead of just allowing us to nod our heads and stew, “Yes, you’re right. This is BS!” – Reavis backs up his insights with hard data and science and illustrates them with stories. If you want to go past BS – yours and your job’s - this is the book for you. Reavis is a guide who will provide you with fresh and practical ways to make daily and profound changes through tools like Smash, Wonderment, Follow the Customer, and so much more.

Author of the upcoming book, You’re the Boss, Everything You Need To Know (and Thought You Did) by Simon & Schuster

Chris Reavis' Boost Your Bullsh*t Resilience At Work offers tools for reducing work stress and dealing with difficult situations at work. With stories and common experiences, Chris shares proven strategies that are useful for various situations. In six sections, the book covers various topics that are designed to explain why you should care about work stressors, show you the factors to determine when to leave, explore side hustles, help you align with your guiding principles and what matters to you, reveal proven skills for understanding stressful patterns and overpowering stressors, and help you find ways to implement the book's lessons to achieve healthy goals. You will find a suggestion that addresses your work stressors in this comprehensive book, whether you have an annoying boss, a colleague who praises another colleague inappropriately, or long, boring meetings at work.

The author's messages are backed by research results and quotes from other sources, which engender deep engagement and confidence in the validity of his words. I enjoyed Chris Reavis' use of humor and the stories from his rich work experiences. The tales expose readers to various work conditions and the different types of characters you may meet at work. I especially loved the story that reveals the time Chris used the "shiny object syndrome" to gain a promotion and a great recommendation from a condescending leader at work. Boost Your Bullsh*t Resilience At Work is filled with profound messages, exercises, and anecdotes that will benefit everyone who works with others, from the employer to the employee and even the contract worker or freelancer. It's worth returning to it over and over again to revisit its valuable, evidence-backed insights.
So entertaining that you might forget it is a nonfiction book.
After a long day on the job, what is your conversation like at home? If your day went well, maybe you’re celebrating your successes. More often, though, the conversation likely circles around incompetent leadership, obnoxious coworkers, or other repetitious frustrations from work. This cycle not only perpetuates stress but brings it into your home and allows it to permeate your whole life. The constant BS, a simplified term denoting all kinds of workplace stressors, can take both an emotional and physical toll, a fact we’ve known for a long time. Everything from high blood pressure to depression can be rooted in stress, and the last thing any of us wants is to lose our health. If you’re looking for “practical, evidence-based ways to create change” and increase personal contentment, then you need the refreshing guide, Boost Your Bullsh*t Resilience At Work.
Divided into six practical sections, this book facilitates realistic personal evaluations of our work life. How can that BS-filled scenario get a positive upgrade? Should we put our heads down and stay in a miserable job? Can we afford to forge a new path? Would the grass really be greener? Chapters include activities that allow readers to put into practice what has been presented. From dealing with wrongful accusations to office brown-nosers, the exercises offer relief where it’s needed most. Tips range from performing honest assessments to developing patience, but invariably keep the focus on what is in our control. Reavis cites numerous studies in appropriate measure, just enough to convince audiences of the value of the advice, but not so much that it reads like a medical journal. Between real-life anecdotes, welcomed humor, and relevant pop-culture references, the writing is so entertaining that you might forget it is a nonfiction book.
Motivation is served up in palatable doses with regular quotable, memorable, and useful lines. “You are always bigger than the BS you are experiencing.” “Daily volatility can be like turbulence on a plane. It’s uncomfortable, maybe even scary, but it will pass.” “Forgive yourself. Let it go, choose different actions and move on.” A big takehome, one that resonates with crystal clarity, is in chapter 11 where the author discusses how the body’s fight, flight, or freeze mechanism can work against us. We don’t do ourselves any favors by circling the drain of negative thought and speech patterns, and through purposeful, positive visualization the author demonstrates exactly how we can take back our health and mental balance. No matter what career you’re in, Boost Your Bullsh*t Resilience At Work will allow you to unburden yourself of workplace toxicity and fall in love with your job again.




13 stellar approaches

Learn the science-backed and evidence-based approaches to build resilience, and move forward in your career - no matter the BS you may be facing!

Time to say goodbye?

If it's really time to go, know how to know. Understand what to say and do to make sure you are doing the best for you!

Is it hustle time?

Learn the truth about side hustles, and assess the right one for you. Compare best practices and understand how to avoid common scams.

Take the 10-Day challenge

Easily and practically add these approaches to your everyday work by taking on the 10-day challenge. It's even better with the optional workbook!


Dive Deeper, And Get Lasting Results

Thrive in your professional life as you use this companion workbook.

Interactive Guide

Enjoy new practical exercises, reflection prompts, and action plans, grounded in science-backed principles.

10-Day Challenge

Build on your success with the 10-day challenge, complete with easy to follow templates for each day. Make new habits part of your everyday approaches.

Who This Book Is For

Experienced Professionals

Even if you have decades of experience, there's still some work BS that is tough to overcome. Learn 13 ways to put a stop to the 💩!

New-To-Career Professionals

Learn what really should be in the employee handbook, but isn't. Understand how to navigate the trickiest work situations.

Leaders of All Types

Understand how to more effectively lead, and also decrease the workplace BS for your teams. Enjoy more innovation and have fun again!

The realness of the writing in Boost Your Bullsh*t Resilience At Work opens the author's triumphs, failures, and strategies for overcoming the hassles that come with complex workplaces.  The focus really is on building resilience by showing how to re-think common reactions and how to approach situations with success in mind. He provides rich, reflective exercises, that are evidence-based, to help focus and move beyond those stumbling blocks in the work environment.

Dr. Rob Weisskirch

Professor of Human Development
Cal State Monterey Bay

Finally get some lasting peace at work, and enjoy your job again! 


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